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A few days ago, the Lao Minister of Energy and Mining and the Chairman of the Lao-China Friendship Association, Kammani, and China's Ambassador to Lao People's Republic, Jiang Redong, jointly launched a crystal ball button to generate electricity. This marks the entry of the project into the integrated combined transport of the entire basin, which will deliver high-quality clean electricity to the economic and social development of Laos.


The southern european river, which originates at the chinese-old border, is the largest tributary of the left bank of the mekong river in laos, flowing from north to south into the mekong river near langbra province. The natural drop of the southern Europe River, good indicators of water energy, is the Lao government to promote the development of one of the water resources base.


The Southern Europe River ladder hydropower project is an important project to support the construction of Laos as a \"Southeast Asian battery\" and improve the livelihood of northern Laos. According to the plan, the project is divided into seven cascade power stations, a total of two phases of construction.


At present, the first phase of the second, fifth and sixth-level power stations have been put into commercial operation, with a cumulative power generation of about 4.7 billion kilowatt-hours, and the transmission of electricity can light up the lights. In laos vice-premier songsai's view, the seven cascade power stations \"like the'one belt and one road' a series of dazzling pearl, shining on the old friendship between china and long history.\"


\"The project not only alleviates power shortages in Laos, makes it easier for people to live, reduces the cost of electricity, but also builds a power transmission network for neighboring countries. Currently, more than 7% to 8% of the demand for electricity in the Greater Mekong Circle, such as Thailand and Vietnam, is met through the Lao power transmission network, Kammani said.


Sheng Yuming, chairman of China Power Construction Overseas Investment Co., Ltd., said that after the completion of the Southern Europe River ladder hydropower station project, it will guarantee 12 percent of the power supply in Laos, effectively promote the construction, upgrading and interconnection of power grids in the northern region, and help Lao power export to earn foreign exchange and integrate regional electricity.


Huang yande, general manager of china electric power construction south european power generation company, is directing and coordinating the local staff to monitor the data of the power station in the central control center of the southern european power operation and maintenance management center in langbra, in order to realize the \"low-duty, high-level digital information dispatch operation\" of the cascade power stations.


During the construction of the project for local training welders, carpentry, steel workers, drivers and other types of work. During the operation of the project, a large number of local administrative, commercial, operational and maintenance personnel joined, and the project provided more than 10,000 jobs for the local area.


\"The company has selected 14 children with excellent academic qualities to study in water conservancy and hydropower at Wuhan University. As the second phase of the project begins to generate electricity,52 new laos employees will go to the same type of hydropower station in sichuan for four months of pre-job training.\" said Mr. Huang.


Campon, who worked in a dispatching position for more than a year, studied in Chengdu last year and worked for three months at large hydropower stations in China. \"It is an inevitable requirement for the long-term and stable development of power station projects and our commitment to the Lao people to promote employee localization. Du Chunguo, general manager of China Power Construction Overseas Investment Co., Ltd.


In the course of the construction of the project, China's Power Construction Organization compiled the Biodiversity Compensation Plan,\" Ecological Flow and Monitoring \", and the work plan for environmental restoration of power stations, and strengthened publicity for the protection of vegetation and rare plants and animals in river basins; actively participated in international exchanges and cooperation to enable the outside world to understand the whole process of project development truthfully and transparently, and to realize information disclosure and information sharing; and the Joint Scientific Research Institute jointly carried out research projects to provide the community with lessons learned and case-sharing to create a good ecological environment for the project.


After the completion of the project, the combined dispatching comprehensive effect will be brought into play: regulating the seasonal drought and flood in the watershed, improving the downstream flood control capacity; ensuring farmland irrigation and reducing soil erosion; supporting the development of new industries to reduce burning waste and vegetation cutting, and protecting the ecological balance.


\"Look at our new house, reinforced concrete structure, inside and outside spacious and bright, how beautiful ah! The village built a wharf, medical room, school, water supply system and power supply system, the road is neat and wide. Our days are no worse than those of a big city!


Let the villagers move, but also make their lives stable and rich. To this end, China Power Construction and related cooperation, the introduction of advanced planting technology to provide villagers with mango, pineapple honey, grapefruit, coconut trees and other saplings, invited planting experts to explain all kinds of fruit tree planting and daily conservation knowledge. More than 10 million US dollars has been invested in the Trans-European Trans-Speed Hydropower Project, which has built more than 500 kilometers of roads and built more than 20 bridges.


Somben bought a car and started a passenger business,\" so good way to make the most of it. Chinese enterprises to repair the road to the village entrance, can be through the county, provincial capital, and road 13 linked. In this way, I can sell the coffee beans and bananas from the village to Luang Prabang.