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The question was not intended to be repeated, after all, after a few moments earlier in the publication of the article, only a day later, the result of a similar incident was revealed, and the consequences were quite serious, held for 18 days and locked up with murderers and drug abusers. .。 I'm afraid to think about it. This is what happened. ..


According to@cover news,@AsiaTimes,@Xingzhou Daily: On December 4, four female Chinese tourists flew from Shanghai to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (in Sabah state).


The wrong way, the missing seal of entry arrived in kota kinabalu, after disembarking, the four visitors, because of the slow movement, and other passengers left behind, plus the transfer time is tight, so the wrong way to the flight to lake bucket (in sabah state) boarding gate.


One of the tourists said:'No one gave the right instructions at the time, we went a lot of the wrong way and we saw a glass door pushed open to the gate to Lake Doo and there were no interceptions.'


She said airport officials did not examine their passports and did not see entry-level facilities at the airport.


\"We admit that we've been making mistakes and going a lot of wrong ways in the process, but we don't understand why no one's blocking us. She also mentioned that when they were out of China, they all had face recognition and didn't expect to have the same equipment.


On december 9th the four tourists were stopped as they flew from tuhu to kuala lumpur to return to shanghai. They checked into the hotel the same night as instructed and were taken to the immigration office the next day after they checked in.


Secondly, there are serious security breaches, and the average visitor can enter Sabah without immigration clearance to leave the airport or transfer, which means that criminals can easily sneak into Sabah.


Detained for up to 18 days, one of the visitors in the same room as the murderer's drug users said they began crying when they learned at the immigration office that they would be held in detention and were handcuffed cold before being taken to it. She said that there were more than 100 people in the detention centre, all eating and drinking together.


Those held together in the same cell, including murderers and drug abusers, terrified them. The prison's food is also difficult to swallow, waking up at 4am or 5am every day, and everything puts them under heavy psychological stress.


They didn't see their family until December 26. After various good offices, they were released on the 28th, and on the 30th, they flew from Lake Dou to Cotta Kinabalu.


Since last year, more than 20 cases have occurred in the state of Sabah, where Chinese tourists have been detained and fined by the Sheba immigration authorities. Recently, four other Chinese female tourists have been detained for missing the regulations. Although they have done many work in the Consulate General, they have been detained for up to 18 days and have even been brought to trial in court.


The Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Kota Kinabalu reminds us that please know the tourist destination information before departure. Note: passengers from China, third countries direct flights to the airports of Sabah state (including Kota Kinabalu, Doohu, Shandhagen, etc.) and from other Malaysian cities (including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Gujin, etc.) to the airports of Sabah state. If there is no entry seal, the exit may be detained and fined by the Sabah Immigration Department.


If you are out of the airport, please contact the travel agency or the Chinese Consulate General immediately for assistance. You can also make up the entry seal at AMC Building near Airport No.1 in Kuala Lumpur from Monday to Friday. Please take good care of the boarding pass and other materials that can prove the time of entry so that they can be presented to the immigration department.


There is a netizen on the Facebook to share, before and the family left the horse, the original passport on the red exit seal on the date should be June 4,2018, but the entry of the staff actually covered the chapter of February 20,2018, that is to say, the time has gone back nearly 4 months!


The netizen was driving out of the country, they left the gate to find the staff this mistake, but because it is rush hour, they cannot stop, once they stop behind cause congestion, the driver behind will impatiently honk the horn!


Then they immediately informed the border inspectors of Singapore, where two officials accompanied netizens to the customs office, where they waited 15-30 minutes before being told that they had to return to the immigration office in Malaysia to change the day on their passports. So they were escorted by two officials through a special passage back to Malaysia.


In fact, not only the entry of Malaysia to a good check, in any country should check the entry and exit passport related content and integrity, once found problems and timely communication with immigration officials!